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Soil Investigation and Test Services


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Geonamics (S) Pte Ltd is an accredited inspection body under the Accreditation of Inspection Bodies for Site Investigation Scheme by the Singapore Accreditation Council (SAC SINGLAS) and BCA registered specialist in soil investigation works in Singapore. We are one of the most experienced companies specialized in providing a One-Stop geotechnical services including land and marine soil investigation, instrumentation and monitoring, laboratory testing and analysis.

We provide tailored geotechnical exploration programs in support of each clients specific project as what is below the surface can be as crucial and complex as the structure it supports. Our team approach to geotechnical engineering extends beyond simply providing engineering data.

Soil Investigation Singapore


oil Investigation Company-companies Singapore-Standard Penetration Test (SPT)-UD sampling-Mazier sampling-permeability test and rock coring-Geonamics (S) Pte Ltd Test (SPT)-UD sampling-Mazier sampling-permeability test and rock coring-Geonamics (S) Pte Ltd


Soil Investigation in Singapore


We are a SAC SINGLAS accredited site investigation inspection body in Singapore and provide quality soil investigation works with advanced crawler mounted wireline drilling rigs with automatic SPT sampling which provide better efficiency and accuracy for your project. We provide a full range of services which includes Standard Penetration Test (SPT), UD sampling, Mazier sampling, permeability test and rock coring.



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Marine Soil Investigation Singapore


We have a total of eleven jack-up barges and pontoons across Singapore and Malaysia and can provide unparalleled facilities to support any nearshore and offshore soil investigation projects in Singapore.



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Cone Penetration Test (CPT)


We deploy advanced fully ballasted, track mounted Geomils CPT rigs (Panther series) with unmatched efficiency even in the harshest of site conditions in Singapore.

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Geophysical Survey


We provide various geophysical survey techniques like ground penetrating radar, electrical resistivity test, seismic reflection & refraction test, downhole / cross hole seismic survey and PS logging testing.

Other Site Investigation Services


We provide the following other tests:

  • Plate Load Test
  • Mackintosh Probe Test
  • Vane Shear Test
  • Pressuremeter Test