Sonic Logging & Dynamic Load Test

Pile Integrity Testing and Assessment

Sonic Logging / High Strain / Low Strain Dynamic Load Test
(PDA Test / PIT Test)

Crosshole Sonic Logging (CSL), commonly known as cross sonic logging or the sonic logging test is an accurate and reliable method to assess pile integrity or deep foundation elements such as newly placed concrete drilled shafts, cut-off walls and slurry walls, especially when addressing excavation below groundwater level. Sonic Logging is a preferred because it is quick and safe. This method can be done above and below waterline structures.

High-strain dynamic load tests, known as Dynamic Pile Testing (PDA) can be used on all types of piles, such as concrete piles, bored piles, steel piles and more. This test method assesses the capacity, integrity, and driving stresses during an axial impact event. Using the high-strain impact provided by either an impact hammer or a drop weight, . For instance, results such as pile integrity can be interpreted on site and conveniently allow would engineers to evaluate and judge based on the pile integrity, says accept or reject the pile immediately. PDA Test is fast, reliable and cost effective (often possible to perform several PDA load tests at one time).

Low strain impact integrity test, known as Pile Integrity Test (PIT), works best on solid concrete sections, is a non-destructive pile testing method which provides acceleration or velocity and force (optional) data on slender structural elements such as structural columns, driven concrete piles, cast in place concrete piles, concrete filled steel pipe piles, timber piles, etc. It is generally helpful to consider the soil profile, construction method and site records. Test results obtained can be interpreted to identify defects and estimate their magnitude as well as its location. It can be used to estimate the pile length too.

Crosshole Sonic Logging
(conforms to ASTM D6760)

Dynamic Load Test
(conforms to ASTM D4945)

Pile Integrity Testing
(conforms to ASTM D5882)

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