Rapid Load Test (Statnamic Test)



tatnamic Pile Load Test - Geonamics Singapore


Rapid Load Test Department is specialized in performing one of the Rapid Load Tests called Statnamic Test.

The pile load testing is a critical step to evaluate a pile foundation, to verify design parameters as well as to evaluate pile performance.

Statnamic Test offers a more efficient, quicker, and/or cost effective pile load test than the conventional Static Load Test (SLT).


Launching of Statnamic-Geonamics


Rapid Load Test (Statnamic Test) It launches a reaction mass from the pile head with fast-expanding and high-pressure gases in a confined cylinder.

The high-pressure gases are produced by the burning of a solid propellant fuel within the piston cylinder assembly.

Typically the reaction mass is accelerated upwards at 20g, thus a downward force of 20 times the reaction mass will be generated.

Therefore, the required reaction mass is only 5% of the static mass equivalent to the final test load.

This salient feature of STN has become one of the key advantages over the conventional SLT.

It saves the required amount of reaction mass in the pile load test, and hence time and effort in setting up.


Pile testing services in Singapore

Preinstallation of Instruments in Pile To capture the mobilization of skin friction, end-bearing component, or elastic shortening of a pile, we offer the installation of instruments such as strain gauges or extensometer and monitoring works during Statnamic Test. We provide tailored geotechnical exploration programs in support of each clients specific project as what is below thesurfacee can be as crucial and complex as the structure it supports. Our team approach to geotechnical engineering extends beyond simply providing engineering data.


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