Pile Profile Tests Singapore

Pile Profile Tests

(Sonicaliper / SHAPE / Koden Pile Test) :

SoniCaliper or Shaft Area Profile Evaluator (SHAPE) method are cost-effective and are used as quality assurance testing instrument and device. Usually to determine the excavation dimensions and verticality/stability. They are also often used for deep foundations excavations such as drilled shafts, slurry walls, barrettes etc. Whereas, Koden test, based on ultrasonic distance measurement, is used to inspect the verticality, diameter / bell-out diameter of the pile hole (dropping down an instrument along the pile hole to the bottom).


SHAPE provides a visual representation of foundation excavation prior to concrete pour, in wet conditions, providing 360˚, 2D and 3D profile views.


SONICaliper provides a virtual picture for foundation excavation shapes prior to placing concrete in dry or wet conditions.

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Koden method utilizes the ultrasound technology to measure the alignment of partially cased or uncased bored holesand diaphragm wall trenches.

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