Pile Load Test


Instrumented Rapid Load Tests


The Statnamic load test produces a quasi-static load on the pile via the launching of a reaction mass from the pile head with fast expanding / high pressure gases in a confined piston. Pile top load and displacements are directly measured and yield user independent results. Geonamics conducts the Statnamic test in Singapore accordance to Eurocode guidelines and we pioneered the use of Rapid Load Tests in Singapore since 1993.

Instrumented Rapid Load Tests (Statnamic Test) - Geonamics (S) Pte Ltd

Statnamic Load Test in Central Business District, Singapore

Pile Profile Tests (Sonicaliper / SHAPE / Koden Pile Test)


Shaft area profile evaluators are cost-effective quality control tests on bored piles which provide a visual representation of the foundation excavations dimensions and verticality.

Shaft Area Pile Profile Tests (Sonicaliper-SHAPE-Koden Pile Test) - Geonamics (S) Pte Ltd

Bi-directional Load Tests (BDSLT)


Bidirectional load tests are maintained pile load tests used to examine pre-selected piles in accordance with the design and to verify the soil parameters used in the design.

Bi-directional Load Tests (BDSLT) - Geonamics (S) Pte Ltd

Sonic Logging / High Strain / Low Strain Dynamic Load Test (PDA Test / PIT Test)


We deploy professional staff and advanced equipment to provide the full range of pile load tests in Singapore. We can conduct Sonic logging / High & Low strain dynamic load tests.

onic Logging-High Strain-Low Strain Dynamic Load Test (PDA Test-PIT Test) - Geonamics (S) Pte Ltd