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Geonamics is more than a company or product; Geonamics provides almost a full range of testing services in geotechnical engineering works.

A large spectrum of engineering testing, instrumentation, monitoring services spanned from pre-construction stage, to during-construction stage and the latter post-construction stage are offered by Geonamics. We covers numerous field and laboratory test and instrument monitoring services.

Over many years, our company exposure to needs of industry to integrate various testing services such as instrumentation and monitoring work, soil investigation, pile and soil testing have enabled us to establish an integrated menu specific to local problems and engineering conditions.
Geonamics is therefore uniquely placed to provide reliable and cost effective solutions.
With that, Geonamics own a chain of branches throughout the major cities in Malaysia and Singapore.




Quality Control Assurance


We always strive with one common objective: professionalism and reliability in our testing services. We aimed to constantly embrace new technologies and innovation, to ensure the test services are fully complied to the each latest test standard.

In Malaysia, we are MS ISO 17025:2017 accredited laboratory by the Standard Malaysia (SAMM).
In Singapore, we are SAC SINGLAS accredited.
Our company quality control complies in full to ISO 9001 standards.

    • SAC-SINGLAS Accreditation Certificate
    • SAC-SINGLAS Accreditation Schedule