Statnamic Test

Quick Statnamic Facts

  • Combines advantages of static and dynamic load tests
  • 20 Statnamic devices world-wide
  • 12 Statnamic testing companies
  • Over 700 contract Statnamic load tests performed in 16 countries
  • Over 80 published papers, including papers from 2 International Statnamic Seminars
  • More than 20 Universities currently researching Statnamic
  • Acceptance and use by 13 State DOT’s, US Army Corps of Engineers, FHWA and various agencies worldwide

Advantages of STATIC Load Tests

  • Static behaviour
  • Maintained load
  • Cyclic loading
  • No pile damage
  • Direct load measurement (calibrated load cell)
  • Direct displacement measurement

Disadvantages of STATIC Load Tests

  • Expensive
  • Time consuming
  • Different procedures

Advantages of DYNAMIC Load Tests

  • Economic
  • Quick

Disadvantages of DYNAMIC Load Tests

  • Indirect load measurements
    strain transducers : F = E.A. e
    concrete piles : E variable
    bored piles: E and A variable
  • Indirect displacement measurements accelerometers, u = ff a.dt
  • Calibration to static load test
  • Experienced high level educated engineers
  • Chance on pile damage
  • In many cases capacity not mobilised

Statnamic Theory and Analysis

To derive the STATIC load displacement behavior from a STATNAMIC load test

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